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How to Wear Suede

Posted: Mar 23 2015

70’s fashion trends are featuring highly in the designs for this season womens clothing.  Big love is being shown for iconic fashion features including flares, fringes, florals and false lashes.  It is not just the look but texture too with tactile suede.  Yes, you heard it, suede.

So pack away your leather and add some soft, smooth suede to your wardrobe.  Well, at least for this season anyway.

Here are some “far out” suede fashion ideas for you, whether you choose real or faux suede:

The Shoes

Break yourself in gently with a pair of sexy suede shoes.  Suede shoes do not only look fabulous, but the suede makes them look more expensive too.  

The Bag

For the most on-trend bag go for suede with a long shoulder strap and a fringe detail.   For a chic evening look a suede clutch would be just perfect.

The Jacket

Cropped styles for tops and jackets are popular this season.  A cropped suede jacket teamed with a floaty dress or skirt is a true fashion statement.  If you are a true fashionista choose a Western style jacket with decadent suede fringing on the sleeves.  A real statement.

The Skirt

Traditional suede brown hues aren’t too inspiring, but a mini in a bold or pastel shade will look bang on trend.  For a great off duty look, team it with a blouse and strappy sandals.  This item would be great for recycling for the autumn season too, team it with opaque tights and booties.

The Dress

A suede dress is a daring fashion piece but very up to the minute.  Stick to simple styles and accessorize with chunky metallic jewellery for a chic modern look.

The Accessories

Suede is a statement fabric to wear, and if it’s not for you then try accessorizing with it instead.  Pull in the waist of a lightweight, floaty dress with a suede belt or add a coloured suede clutch bag for chic evening look.  For a more spirited look add some decorative suede earrings or plaited bracelets.

Contrasting fabrics are the key to a great look with suede.  Partnerships such as suede and silk, suede and patent leather, or suede and knits are all great fashion ensembles to experiment with.

Will you be adding suede to your wardrobe this season, or do you have some already?  Let us know.

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