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How do you wear your handbag?

Posted: Mar 30 2015

It’s a new season, so surely time for a new handbag?

As well a being a practical item, your handbag is also designed to make a fashion statement so it is important not only to consider the shape of the bag but also the way you carry it. Here are a few different styles for you to consider:

The Shoulder Bag

Designed to be worn off the shoulder, this is the most common type of bag carried by women.  They come in all different shapes and sizes and are often compartmentalised to help organise the day to day items that you carry everywhere.  Perfect for the office!

The Clutch Bag

A stylish addition to any wardrobe.  This style of bag has no straps or handles and is designed to be carried tucked under your arm or in your hand.  Ideal for evenings as they are usually quite small, in fact just enough to carry your money, phone and lippy.  

The oversized clutch has recently become very popular and designs favour a soft frame rather than the hard frame of its smaller counterparts.  They are also more practical with room for many more of your essentials, some will even fit a pair of flip flops!  A must for those tired dancing feet on a night out.

With clutches being predominantly designed for the evening the variety of glamorous styles in overwhelming, sequins, patent leather, silk to name but a few.  There are plenty of great cheap clutch bag bargains on the market too.

The Handheld Bag

As the name suggests this style of bag is designed to be held in your hand.  They feature a short handle, not one that is designed to go over your shoulder, and are normally smaller than a shoulder bag.  A chic addition to any wardrobe to complete a formal look.

The Tote Bag

For a more relaxed, casual look opt for a Tote bag.  Great for shopping and the beach as they are usually quite large with only one main compartment.  They can also be carried in your hand or thrown over your shoulder.  When worn over the shoulder they usually fall to around elbow level making this larger bag both functional and comfortable.  A great summer fashion item too!

The Crossbody Bag

These bags are so called because of they way they are worn.  They are also known as the messenger bag.  This style of bag is great because they leave your hands free and you can’t lose them!   Although originally designed as a work bag this style of bag is now an urban icon and often worn by men, and are also a particular favourite of students.

So how do you wear your bag and will you be changing your style this season?

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