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Is Choosing a Handbag Heaven or Hell?

Posted: May 08 2015

With so many shapes and sizes of womens handbags available, even just here at Tenner Store, choosing the right one can be a challenge.  Let us help you with some of the most popular shapes and styles explained.
What is a Hobo bag?
Hobo bags are a slouched style of bag that is worn over the shoulder.  Think croissants, that is their general shape made from soft, flexible material with a zip fastening.
What is a Wristlet?
A wristlet is a small bag, in fact almost a purse, with a shortened strap so it can worn around the wrist. Perfect to pop your mobile phone and lippy in for a night on the town.
What is a Satchel?
The Satchel is a very classic style of womens handbag which will last you for years.  Whilst they are very practical as part of your workwear, they also look great the jeans. A satchel is designed to be handheld, although may come with the addition of a shoulder strap so it can also be worn across the body.
What is a Frame bag?
A satchel can be described as a frame bag, but then so can doctor and bowling style bags.  It is a bag that has a rigid frame rather than the soft slouchy frame of the hobo bag.
What is an Envelope bag?
A favourite to complete an evening look. The envelope bag is an oversized clutch bag with a front closing, fold over flap. Just like an envelope. 
What is a Box Clutch?
Box clutch bags are a very glamorous accessory to any evening attire.  Their frame structure allows them to be beautifully embellished with all types of beading and materials.  Not always the most practical of women's handbags, but definitely one that will get you noticed.
So, have you decided which style or shape is for you?  For more inspiration take a look at the bags on offer from Tenner Store.

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