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Are you making the most of your Maxi?

Posted: May 14 2015

Maxi Dress Do’s and Don’ts

Summer is almost here, that means holiday, prom, and wedding seasons are too. Hooray! There is only one essential item for your wardrobe that is suitable for all of these occasions.  
The Maxi Dress!
Maxi dresses for women's everyday wear, maxi dresses for weddings and even maxi dresses for prom are just perfect. If worn correctly of course!  Here is a list of our Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you look perfect whether dressing your maxi up or down:
#1 Colour and Pattern
Solid colours are the safest option as they give a nice long line down the body.  If you are a little more adventurous and are going for a pattern, keep the size of the pattern no bigger than your fist.
#2 Length
Make sure that your maxi dress is full length.  It should only fall half and inch above the ground regardless of whether you are wearing heels or flats. Definitely avoid dresses that cut you off at the ankle unless you are very tall. With lots of cheap maxi dresses available, keep a choice of lengths in your wardrobe. Maxi dresses for petite sizes are also available so no need for anyone to miss out.  
#3 Flow
Choose a material that flatters your body by skimming over your shape and moving with you. A maxi dress should never be skin tight, that’s the job of a bodycon dress.  Stiff materials are a maxi dress no no too! Make sure you show off your figure by balancing out the drape of the skirt with a flattering fitted bodice.
#4 Neckline
With a variety of necklines available make sure you choose one that suits your shape.  A V-neck will elongate the body, whilst a sweetheart neckline will accentuate curves. A halter neck will show off your shoulders and has the advantage of an adjustable tie.  A good choice for an evening maxi dress.
#5 Waistline
Is there anything more flattering than a long flowing dress that is pulled in at the waist? By highlighting your waist or even a high waist with a tie or belt you visually lengthen your legs.
Top Tip
Although the maxi dress is a long flowing style of dress it is important to remember that you should be able to see your body in there somewhere.  A style that doesn’t skim you anywhere will only make you appear larger, or shorter.  Not ideal!
Now you know all there is to know about how to wear a maxi dress take a look at the cheap maxi dresses we have in store.  All at £10 or less!

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