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What to Wear to Work? Office Style Explained

Posted: May 15 2015

Whilst times have changed and it is no longer a requirement for us girls to strut around the office in power suits and killer heels, it is still important for us to look the part.
Office wear dress codes may have relaxed over the years but this doesn’t mean that your office style should.  Looking well groomed and confidently dressed is an essential ingredient to being great at your job.
What you should know about your office style:
  • Your appearance reflects on the company or brand, so dress to reflect it
  • First impressions count whether it be a colleague's, client's or even a future boss
  • Style mishaps can change the outcome of any meeting, interview or pitch
  • A stylish and well co-ordinated outfit visualises control and organisation
To help you make the right office style choices and to come across as professional and dynamic we have listed the absolute do’s and the definitely don’ts for your office wear wardrobe.
Office Wear Absolute Do’s
Do - Know what colours to wear.  Have a little look into colour psychology and use it to your advantage when deciding what to wear.
Do - Mix and match your garments.  Create a capsule working wardrobe with items in staple colours.  Add some patterned or bright accessories to change up the look.
Do - Plan your outfit.  Take a sneaky peek at your diary before throwing you workwear on in the morning. That shift dress may not be the correct style for a site visit. Trousers may well be more suitable.
Do - Choose the right shoes.  Remember that the idea is to look smart and professional.  It is important that your shoes are practical and comfortable.  A court shoe is your best bet.
Do - Always wear your makeup.  If you spend time and care on your appearance it is portrayed that you will do the same in your work.
Office Wear Definite Don’ts
Don’t - Change with the weather.  Do not be tempted to change the office style that you have built up over months just because the sun has come out. Remain your professional work self and leave the summer items for the beach.
Don’t - Wear revealing clothes. Crop tops, strappy vests, mini skirts, and plunging necklines are items to show off your personality and figure outside of the workplace.
Don’t -  Wear ill-fitting garments.  Make sure that your clothes fit well and skim the silhouette of your shape. Remember you could have people focusing on you whilst you deliver a presentation or a training course.
Don’t - Choose the wrong materials. Fabrics are important, you want to be looking groomed all day and not tired and crumpled by 10am. Look for skirts that don’t crease and avoid shiny trousers.
Don’t - Forget to smile.  It is important to look approachable and welcoming in any job.
It is proven that if you dress well for the workplace you will not only feel good and look great, but your performance will improve too.

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