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Things to Pack on Your Holiday: Lets get ready for summer!

Posted: May 26 2015

Cool Casual Clothing: Take clothes that you can wear comfortably throughout the day for when you want to pop to the beach or go shopping. A pair of shorts, a skirt and matching tops will see you through your holiday and give you a few cool daytime outfits.
Dresses and Playsuits: Dresses are great for both night and day wear. Any casual outfit can be dressed up in the evening with accessories and a simple cheap clutch bag.
The all important shoes: Flip-flops and sandals are an obvious must have for your complete beach summer look. Heels will dress up any outfit but if you’re planning on taking long evening walks along the beach then you might want to pack just comfy shoes only and save more space for dresses!
Essential Accessories: A beach hat and sunglasses are a must have when it comes to summer holidays. Remember to pack your evening necklaces and bangles but don’t go too over-board as you probably won’t need to wear them all.
Beach Wear: Last but not least don’t forget to pack your bikinis. They're only small and light so don't worry too much about the weight. Pair up with a fringed kimono for that glamorous beach style.

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