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How to Style Harem Trousers for Every Event

Posted: Jun 23 2015

Hooray! A trend that is flattering to every frame of any age…..ladies we bring you Harem Trousers.

The harem trousers definition is simple, they are a long baggy trouser style that is cinched in at the ankle (unless they are harem cropped trousers).

The style is very easy-to-wear and suitable for almost anywhere. The loose style and lightweight fabrics make them so comfortable that once you have put a pair on you won’t want to take them off. This is what makes harem trousers a popular trend indeed, comfy and extremely adaptable.

Pairing your harem trousers with the correct outfit will maximise their versatility making them perfect to wear for everything from walking the dog, going to the office or going out on the town.


What to wear with Harem Trousers

This style of womens trousers is an essential wardrobe item, but how do we style them for different occasions? Here are some tips:

  1. Because of the loose style of the trousers choose a more fitted style top. A vest or fitted T with flats for a day to day look. Heels, vest and blazer for a more formal look.
  2. Choosing black, as with any key wardrobe piece, will give you a neutral, adaptable base from which to create any look or style.
  3. There are lots of amazing floral, paisley and nautical themes available in this trouser style. However, if you do opt for patterns be sure to pair with colour block tops.
  4. Harem trousers look great teamed with jackets. Opt for sleeker more fitted styles to create an evening look, and counterbalance the relaxed casual fit of the trousers.
  5. As for footwear, anything goes. Pick heels and a sexy clutch for an evening look with a jacket or fitted top. Harem cropped trousers look great with gladiator, flat sandals or wedges for a girl about town look. Look cool for running errands or walking the dog and pair with trainers or lace-up pumps.
  6. Think your harem trousers are just for the summer? Oh no! Tank tops, fitted jumpers, vests and hoodies also look great with them for the autumn/winter months. Team up with some ankle boots and you have switched seasons, just like that!

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